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Little Alchemy

Create your own unique little universe in Little Alchemy – a one of kind online puzzle/crafting game where the goal is to combine various elements of nature into more complex materials, objects, concepts and structures.

In Little Alchemy 1 you start out with a basic set that includes air, earth, fire and water. The player is supposed to figure out various ways of how these elements can effect each other by dragging and dropping them to the main game field to the left. Combine water with fire and you will get steam, enrich it with air to create a cloud – you get the idea. It is possible and encouraged to have multiple instances of the same elements and objects on the screen – use the space available however you like to get to the bottom of things.

Little Alchemy 2 takes the same basic concept and improves upon it by making the interface even more intuitive and appealing, upgrading the graphics and adding nifty sound effects and music into the equation.

If you are a fan of crafting and puzzle games, the Little Alchemy series will bring you hours upon hours of free entertainment. Let your creativity run wild and become the maker of your own world!

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